The Warhammer: Age of Sigmar GT is a two day, five round tournament held on Saturday and Sunday. 


Each army will consist of up to 2000 points using either the points values in the most recent  General’s Handbook or the points values in battletomes published after that release. Armies must follow the Battlehost Pitched Battle army composition rules in the General’s Handbook. Forge World models and rules will be allowed as appropriate.


Players will compete for a variety of prizes including Best Overall, Best General, Best Painted, and Coolest Army.


We look forward to seeing you there and rolling some dice!

HMGS-MS Welcomes TnT to Nashcon 2020

TnT was created with the love of miniature gaming tournaments and wrestling. Laughing Corpses is the group that puts on this event; Tim Smith, Keith Randall, Brandon Blair, Austin Carrigan, and Cindy and Shelby Perkins. They have made TnT one of the largest Kings of War tournaments in the southeast.

TnT has had players come from Canada, New Zealand, and over 20 U.S. states. The biggest thing at TNT is the wrestling rings that the players play in each round. So come by and say “Hi” and take a picture in the ring!

Inaugural DDGK Nashcon Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader event

This will be a 2 day, 5 round Warhammer 40k tournament using ITC format.  The event will be held on Saturday and Sunday.

We will be using the Matched Play recommendations from the Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition rule-set.  Games will be ITC standard, played at 2,000 points, and each round will be 3 hours.  Scoring and list submission will be done through the Best Coast Pairings app.  Prize support will be available for the top 3 spots, best painted, and best sportsmanship.  A packet with more detailed information will be available soon through this site and our Facebook event page.  If you have any questions feel free to contact

The Two Towers Tristar Grand Tournament is a two-day, 895- point tournament where the players will compete over five rounds to be declared the champion. Friday night will include two fun events, the battle of Helm’s Deep along with a fun, 125-point tournament hosted by Mr. John Bili.

The Cave Dwellers bring another wonderful event with crazy implications. 

This year Nashcon's WarMachine & Hordes event is a Warfair Weekend Qualifier!

All events will be utilizing Conflict Chamber

Friday - Champion's Event

Dice roll at 5:30 PM

Top 2 positions will be in the final event on Sunday.

Saturday - Master's Event (2 heats)

Heat 1:

Heat 2: K

Heat 1 - Dice roll at 9am

Heat 2 - Dice roll at 1pm

Top 3 (from each heat) will be playing in the championship event Sunday.

Sunday - Event Championship

Dice roll at 8am

A qualifier will be crowned!!!

A Monpoc Tournament - 9am

Scramble Event - 9am


More details coming soon

A Narrative Event

More details coming soon


More details coming soon.


Tate Rogers of the North Alabama Southern Tennessee Advanced Squad Leader Club (NASTy ASL) will be returning as the Tournament Director for the Nashcon ASL Tournament this year. The tournament is planned for 3 rounds (matches) and a possible 4th depending on participation. No set time limit will be enforced for each round.
Rules will be per ASL Rule book Version-2 (ASLRBv2) and will include module releases up to and including the “Red Factories” module. Exceptions (House Rules) and/or optional rules are allowed per mutual consent between opposing players in a given scenario. The tournament director will be the final judge for any rules questions/conflicts.
The tournament will have an open theme so all scenarios from any theater covered by the ASL Universe are eligible for each round (players must agree on scenario selected). Prospective participants to be sure to bring an ASL rule book and whatever “kit” you have.


This will be a two day, Late War, 100 point, Red vs Blue tournament.