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he 2024 Nashcon Age of Sigmar GT will be a 2000 point Matched Play singles tournament featuring 5 games over Saturday and Sunday. Players will compete for a variety of prizes that reward generalship, hobby, and sportsmanship. 


On Age of Sigmar 4.0: It is likely that the new edition of Age of Sigmar will be released prior to this year's Nashcon. In the event that AoS 4 is released by August 3rd, 2024, the Nashcon AoS GT will run the new edition of the game. 


Notes on the player's pack, army composition, and hobby awards: With a new edition on the horizon, we will wait to release a formal player's pack until we have a clearer picture on what AoS 4 will hold. However, we know that it can take a long time to plan and complete an army. With that in mind, below are some key elements to consider for 2024 Nashcon AoS GT:

If possible in the new edition, we will still maintain the two list format. This means that each player is required to bring two army lists from the same faction, painted and based in a cohesive scheme. The two lists could be composed of entirely different units or as simple as an artifact swap.

This year, we will introduce a Best Army Display award in addition to the Player's Choice and Best Painted awards. This award will be given to the person with the best judged army display with a heavy emphasis on cohesive theme, storytelling, and, of course, a rocking display board.

We will also introduce a painting rubric for the first time this year. This rubric will be used entirely on an opt-in basis for player's that would like to have their armies evaluated for Best Painted. Our goal is to provide a level of transparency into the paint judging process. The rubric will only be used to inform the Best Painted awards and will not impact scoring for any gaming or generalship awards.

We look forward to seeing you in Nashville! If you have any questions, please email

Age of Sigmar

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